Gohonmatsu 五本松
12-2 Oyokocho, Hachioji City
Wed-Sun 5pm-10pm
Tel: 042-624-5502


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Japan Rail

Japan Rail's Hachioji station is a main stop on the Chuo line, which links to Shinjuku and Tokyo station. It is also on the Yokohama and Hachiko lines. Normally, Rapid service trains take around 53 minutes from Shinjuku, or faster Special Rapid services can arrive in just 38 minutes.
On arrival, use the North Exit. If you intend to take a taxi or walk, descend to street level, but if you are catching a bus, stay on the upper floor (where the tickets gates are) which allows easy access to the bus stances outside.

Keio Line

The city is also served by the privately run Keio line, terminating at Keio-Hachioji. Services begin at Shinjuku station, and take around 42 minutes for a Semi-Special Express. Keio is slightly cheaper than Japan Rail, although note that they do not accept the Japan Rail Pass.
On arrival, take the Central Exit and climb up to street level, where buses and taxis can be found. Alternatively, if you prefer to walk, the West Exit is more convenient.


The easiest bus to use is the number 16 to Mitsuidai (みつい台). It starts from Keio-Hachioji station (stance 4), and stops at JR Hachioji station (stance 11) before carrying on to Oyokocho and beyond. There are 3 to 6 services per hour in the evening. All stops are announced, so listen for Oyokocho (大横町) and get off there. The cost will be around 170 yen, and the journey takes less than 10 minutes. On alighting at the bus stop, walk north (on your right as you get off the bus) for a few yards, and Gohonmatsu will be visible down a side street on your left.


There are taxi ranks outside both of Hachioji's main train stations. Simply ask for "Oyokocho no Gohonmatsu" (おおよこちょうのごほんまつ) or show the driver the address below. The cost from JR Hachioji Station is around 800 or 900 yen, depending on traffic and the time of day.


If you prefer to work up an appetite before eating, the walk from JR Hachioji Station takes around 20 minutes. Turn left outside the station's North Exit, and follow the pavement round to the right, to a set of traffic lights. Cross over onto the pedestrianised shopping street that cuts diagonally northwest across town, and continue to the end where it meets route 20. Turn diagonally left and carry on west along route 20 as far as Kojima Pets, which marks the corner where you should turn right (north) onto route 16. Go past ECOS Supermarket, and one set of traffic lights. Gohonmatsu is in a side street on the left (west) just before the second set of traffic lights, and is easily visible from the main road. See the photo gallery for a view of the restaurant from outside.

To walk from Keio Hachioji Station, ascend to street level at the West Exit and turn left. At the traffic lights, turn left onto route 20. Now go straight (west) until you reach Kojima Pets as mentioned above.


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12-2 Oyokocho
Hachioji City