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Gohonmatsu is a Japanese restaurant, situated in Hachioji City in the west of Tokyo Prefecture, Japan.


Freshly made sushi, sashimi, grilled fish or chicken, tempura, beef sukiyaki, crab and more. Authentic Japanese food, prepared by hand, is what Gohonmatsu is all about. See below for a sample of some typical menu items.

Opening Days/Hours

The Owner

Every dish is freshly handmade by the owner and chef, Mr Nagai. As is traditional for Japanese restaurant proprietors, he is respectfully addressed as "Master" by his customers and friends. With more than four decades of experience as a chef, he is well deserving of the title. Having lived and worked in America, he returned to his native Japan and opened Gohonmatsu, not far from the region where he grew up.


Gohonmatsu is northwest of Japan Rail's Hachioji station, and is easily reached by a short taxi or bus ride. A map and directions to the restaurant can be found here.
Hachioji is around 40 to 45 minutes west of central Tokyo (Shinjuku) by train. The city has a number of sights to offer, perhaps most famously Mount Takao, where you can enjoy the verdant scenery by hiking one of the many trails. Alternatively, let the steepest funicular railway in Japan do the hard work.
After enjoying the scenery, by all means come to Gohonmatsu to round off your day!


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